Facebook announces new Timeline – your life at a glance

Facebook gave everyone an early Christmas present when they released Timeline last week. This is a dramatic change in the way your page will look. Note this is for personal pages and not yet available for business pages. To learn more about Timeline and to enable it for your page please visit: Facebook/timeline It’s a […]

Five crazy Facebook facts you can use to spice up your next conversation:

1: Facebook has become so popular that a group of psychologists identified a new mental disorder called Facebook Addiction Disorder. 2: In some countries Facebook has already infiltrated their court system. In a ruling that could make legal and internet history, Australia’s Supreme Court ruled last week lawyers could use the Facebook to serve court […]

How do get more fans for your Facebook page

Now that you have your Facebook page running, your next step is to get more fans to “like” your page. Below are the 5 initial steps to follow. More advanced techniques will be discussed in future posts. 1: Update your Facebook business page frequently, at least every few days. The world is moving faster and […]

Does your business thumbnail picture look weird ?

You probably noticed that Facebook automatically creates a “thumbnail” image of your main profile picture, this image is displayed to the left of all your posts. It’s important that the thumbnail is recognizable and looks good. However, since the thumbnail image is a square, and most profile picture are rectangular, the “automatically” created “thumbnail at […]

First steps in planning your Facebook campaign.

Social Media in general and Facebook in particular is one of the hottest topics in Internet Marketing. The technology is brand new, yet is based on “old fashioned” concepts. First and foremost you must determine your goals. “Increasing your fans” is not a goal, it’s an important first step but you must decide how you […]

Small Business Saturday – support your local merchants

American Express is running a great campaign for local merchants that accept American Express, called Small Business Saturday. First there was Black Friday, then Cyber Monday. Now, there’s the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday, the day people support small businesses. Pledge to Shop Small on Nov 26th. If millions of Americans shop small, it will […]

What is Facebook’s Edgerank ?

The average Facebook user 130 “friends” and follows plenty of Facebook pages. If every single action of your friend showed up on your Facebook you you would be totally overwhelmed. In order to optimize your Facebook experiences, a formula called Facebook EdgeRank was created. Facebook EdgeRank decides what’s most important to display on your page. […]