Meet the man behind the curtain, and his superior collection of brains.

After running an ISP in Madison CT for over a decade I wanted to start a new company that embraced the recent changes in Internet marketing. I couldn’t do this alone. Gone are the days of a single webmaster creating an effective website. Today’s website requires a team of experts. I would be nothing without my team. Sometimes you may need a team of scientists and sometimes you may need a team of crack commandos. Whichever it is or anywhere in between, we’ve got the team to get it done. And yes one of my team can actually blow up bridges, he’s an X Navy SEAL.

waldoAndrew “Waldo” Kaplan – spiritual guidance. Andrew has spent the past decade creating sites for businesses as close as across the street and as far away as Australia and Iraq. He focuses on Search Engine Optimization and was able to get a site to rank #1 for a popular phrase in 30 minutes. His mastery of SEO notwithstanding, his real strength is building a team of can-do talent that rises to meet any and all challenges.

vinVin Morgan – X lobsterman, Digital Creative Director, Rock and roller. Morgan delivers the creative platform upon which all our communications programs are built.

wpd-pawlingPen Pawling – Her pen is mightier than the sword. Graphics and design attract yet it’s the words that sell. Pawling creates copy that’s easy to read and actually helps your rankings with Google and other search engines. Be careful never play Scrabble with her for money.

buxClean Buxton – Coding Guru. Whoever said, “The good is the enemy of great” never met Buxton. He’s not satisfied until it’s perfect.

ben_franklinBub Mubbard – makes code sing. Every so often we need someone that makes PHP do stuff no one ever thought possible.

agentMAgent M -Designata Maxima. She created our logo and for that we love her forever.

coffeeMr Coffee – Design Caffeinator. Sometimes we get lost and need the “force” to get us back on track. He’s our man.

CaptainCapt. Dave – Motivation Muse. A licensed captain, incredible craftsman (stop by our office to see the spiral staircase he made), Dave pushes us to do our very best.