Facebook’s new Graph Search

I continue to be concerned about privacy issues and use of Facebook. Facebook’s new Graph Search while increasing the depth of personalization, makes me even more paranoid. Currently Facebook’s new Graph Search is in beta. However, when the new tool rolls out to more and more users,  they will be able to glean information from […]

Facebook to charge users to “promote” posts to their friends

Facebook is experimenting with a new revenue stream, paid personal posts, but the idea could backfire. “I don’t think the average user will pay to have a post promoted unless it was in some way related to business or advertising. When asking our fans if they would be willing to pay, the general response was […]

Facedeal takes facial recognition to new extremes

A new app is being tested in Nashville, Tenn., that can check in people on Facebook and send them offers using facial-recognition cameras. Called Facedeals, the new service uses cameras installed at businesses’ front doors to read people’s faces as they enter. If the people who come in are users of the app, they will be […]

7 Tips for Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business

Do you have social media plan? Are you looking for an easy to follow guide to formulate a plan for your business? Keep reading for seven tips to help your business develop a social plan…

Morgan Stanley Cut Facebook Estimates Just Before IPO and other problems

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s chairman said on Tuesday that regulators plan to review allegations that Morgan Stanley shared negative news before Facebook’s initial public offering with institutional investors. In a separate case, Nasdaq OMX Group has been sued by an investor who claimed the exchange operator was negligent in handling orders for Facebook shares following […]

Facebook Advertising Slammed on Eve of IPO

Timing is everything. It’s been a rough week for Facebook: a new report shows that Google leads Facebook in number of advertising-related areas and GM announced that it will be stopping its $10 million Facebook campaign, because it their opinion it doesn’t work. Read the complete article.

Friday is Facebook’s IPO day

Friday will be the day that Facebook becomes a publicly traded company. I was surprised to learn that 83% of people say that they hardly or never click on ads. Click here to watch a good video overview from MSNBC and reactions from the average Facebook user. 

So far this hasn’t crossed the Pond yet, but some bouncers in England have been demanding people hand over their smartphones so they can check Facebook accounts. It’s claimed that it is to make sure the person is who they say they are and isn’t using fake identification. Read the complete story. 


Facebook offers

Facebook has  a great way to increase sales and it doesn’t cost you a cent. You can easily create offers on your Facebook page, Facebook handles the rest. Example you can post a 50% discount on a product, add restrictions and even limit the number of people that claim the discount. Facebook handles the rest. […]

Facebook ‘Likes’ Could Get You Fired, and Legal Options are a Challenge

We have all heard of horror stories about personal Facebook postings. But this is serious. Facebook “likes” can possibly get you fired, and if you take your employer to court over the punishment you may have an uphill legal battle. That’s what several plaintiffs found when they took the matter to the U.S. District Court […]