Facebook announces new Timeline – your life at a glance

Facebook gave everyone an early Christmas present when they released Timeline last week. This is a dramatic change in the way your page will look. Note this is for personal pages and not yet available for business pages.

To learn more about Timeline and to enable it for your page please visit: Facebook/timeline

It’s a huge change as Facebook searches through all your activity and “builds” a timeline of your posts. You can mouse over any section and remove or make it a “Feature”, further edits are possible by clicking on “Activity Log”. This log shows every single piece of content Facebook has from a user.

Due to the dramatic change you have 7 days to edit your page before it becomes public.  Scan all the posts and make certain you are happy with the ones Facebook has “decided” to post.

I suggest you start working on your Timeline soon, as it will eventually go live for everyone on Facebook. So it’s best to be proactive and edit your Timeline before Facebook does it for you.