Walden Pond Design to offer FREE SSL certs

Since last year, Google has been “urging” developers to add SSL certificates to their websites. An SSL cert creates that little green padlock you see in your browser when you are on Amazon or other sites that ask for your credit card.

This coming July the latest version of Google’s browser Chrome will start flagging any site that doesn’t have an SSL cert.

So it makes sense to get an SSL cert for your site. The bad news is they typically cost $149 year.

The good news is that Google has helped create a “free” cert that we are happy to offer our customers.

If you wish to have Walden Pond Design install a free cert please fill out the form below.

We will create the cert, and add code that will force all your pages to be secure.

NOTE: It can take up to 5 business days before the cert is added.

You can check by viewing your site at https://www.sslchecker.com

Please see below for more info SSL.

SSL Certificates Explained:

SSL certificate delivers protection without pause – with 24/7 control of your website, data and applications – to mitigate risk and ensure uninterrupted performance. First it encrypts the flow of information between your website and the people accessing it. SSL certificates, for example, are required on any site that accepts credit cards. Recently Google has been advocating that all web sites use SSL certificates. Web sites with an SSL certificate are now enjoying a small boost in their search engine rankings.

FREE SSL Certification!