Facebook to change size of Profile Picture

I was so excited to experiment with the new large timeline photo.  Here’s something we did for one of our pro bono clients,  Hope Water Foundation.   Now we learn that Facebook will be changing the size of the profile picture. Hmm, seems like they are following  Google+ profiles which recently enlarged their photo. Previously, a photo […]

Copywriting: How to improve headlines on landing pages and blog posts

Headlines are tricky little devils. Whether you’re writing them for an article or a PPC landing page, they can carry your campaign to glory or bury it forever. We gathered some theory on writing great headlines from our sister company, MarketingExperiments, and capped it off with five tips from our editors and a useful process […]

Are you ready for Facebook’s new Timeline ?

Facebook will be converting all Facebook business pages to the new Timeline look and feel at the end of March. Are you ready to take advantage of this huge change. Perhaps the most obvious change is the new larger timeline photo. Timeline Cover photos size will be 850 px wide by 315 px tall. These […]

Basics to Help You Setup Your Facebook Page

Every business should have a Facebook Page. However, having a Facebook Page is not just about getting tons of fans it’s about connecting and engaging with your customers and fans. When your fans comment or share your posts this will will increase your “reach” or number of new people that see your fan page. First […]

13 great tools to help you manage Social Media

Are you looking for tools to simplify your social media activities? Many businesses feel overwhelmed when implementing their social media marketing. Sometimes the solution is to focus on the right social media tools for your business. We asked social media experts for their most valuable tool for small businesses using social media. Here are 13 […]

Social media becoming everybody’s business – article in Hartford Business

I was recently quoted in a online article in Hartford’s Online Business site, that discusses Social Media and its impact on businesses.

Guidelines for running a Facebook promotion

Facebook promotions are a great to acquire new fans and or to engage your existing fan base. However, there are important rules that must be followed. Watch this video prepared by Facebook to understand the basics  Wild Fire App offers a great suite of Facebook apps that make it easy to run photo and video contest or […]

Facebook just launched an aggressive program for small businesses. You can receive up to $150 in advertising on Facebook. A page needs a minimum of 50 fans to be eligible. It’s very easy to setup “sponsored stories” and quickly grow your fans. Watch a short video to learn more.


I “LIKE” the Facebook Shower Curtain

Is taking a shower the only time when you’re not clicking away on social networking sites? Well now even this is possible with the Social Shower Curtain – the ideal gift for social networking geeks. Bring your profile to life while you lather up with our comical shower curtain gift, featuring a transparent section so […]

Facebook Ads will be included in your Facebook News Feed Next Month

“Sponsored Stories” are a very clever way to advertise on Facebook, as they appear to be “recommendations” from your friends.  They are very cost effective and a great way to increase your fan base. Next month Facebook is taking a dramatic step and will be including them in your News Feed. However, Facebook states that […]