Don’t worry about Apps your company needs a Mobile site


Click on the image above to see difference between user interactions for apps vs. sites.

We have all heard stories of people making a fortune with a cool app. But for most companies especially smaller ones a mobile site is the better choice.

Why choose a mobile web over an app ?

Apps are faster and more interactive than mobile sites. However, they are expensive and having a bad app is worse than no app at all. In the end it depends on what the user needs. If want a interactive experience with sports or news an app might make sense. However, if you are hungry and searching looking for a local restaurant or you locked your keys in your car, a mobile site is the clear winner.

Advantages of a mobile site

Easier to build and launch – You don’t need to get permission form Apple. This can be  nightmare.

Easier to provide cross-platform scalability. Mobile sites works across all platforms, where as apps are device specific (i.e. Iphone, Android, Blackberry, etc)

Easier to track – tracking traffic is easy and free with Google analytics.

By the end of this year more people will be using their smartphones than their computers to get online, make certain you are presenting them the best possible user experience.

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