New sites looks great, but traffic doesn’t !!

I have heard this story too many times and feel it’s time to share the remedy. A successful E-commerce company recently launched a new site. The new site looked great and they anticipated a positive bump in sales. Wow were they disappointed. Sales were off almost $10,000 thirty days after the launch of the new […]

Is your site built for speed ?

According to study by Akamai  40% of users will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. Slow loading websites are bad for your business.  In a store you will wait a few minutes to speak with a salesperson, but on the web you can simply close the slow loading […]

Don’t let your WordPress site get hacked

It has happened again, another one of my colleagues sites was hacked. Sadly as WordPress gains popularity it’s becoming the victims of numerous hacks. WordPress is more complicated than regular HTML sites and requires that the database be backed up. This requires a special steps that not all hosting companies provide. If you have a […]

Join Your Local Chamber and Watch Your Rankings with Google Climb

Perhaps the best way to achieve top ranking with Google and other search engines is to attract a large number of relevant and authoritative links back to your site. Because Google, for example, interprets each link as a “vote”, the number of votes becomes key to evaluating (ranking) your website. When many sites provide links […]