Don’t let your WordPress site get hacked

It has happened again, another one of my colleagues sites was hacked. Sadly as WordPress gains popularity it’s becoming the victims of numerous hacks. WordPress is more complicated than regular HTML sites and requires that the database be backed up. This requires a special steps that not all hosting companies provide.

If you have a WordPress site, please make certain your hosting company is backing up the MySQL database as well as the files.

We backup all of our clients databases on a daily basis. In addition we offer a premium WordPress hosting system that offers in addition to our regular hosting the following additional features:

  • Weekly complete backups including MySql database to Amazon servers
  • Installation of dedicated security plugin and implementation of additional security
  • Speed Optimization
  • Regular updates of WordPress core files and plugins (this is perhaps the best way to ensure the security of your site)
  • Additional programming time if required is discounted from $125 to $100

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