New sites looks great, but traffic doesn’t !!

I have heard this story too many times and feel it’s time to share the remedy. A successful E-commerce company recently launched a new site. The new site looked great and they anticipated a positive bump in sales. Wow were they disappointed. Sales were off almost $10,000 thirty days after the launch of the new […] latest launch

We just launched a new site in WordPress, The old site was written in static HTML. The new site, afford better control over title tags. Client can control ranking for terms such as “plastic blasting media” or “walnut shell media. This is just another reason we love working with WordPress.

Is your site built for speed ?

According to study by Akamai  40% of users will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. Slow loading websites are bad for your business.  In a store you will wait a few minutes to speak with a salesperson, but on the web you can simply close the slow loading […]

New Mobile Site for Thimble Island Cruise just in time for summer

Captain Mike loves his new mobile site for This mobile sites makes it easy to learn about the gorgeous 45 minute tour of the Thimble Island Islands. Plus it’s easy to call for more information. I have done the trip and can highly recommend it to both tourists and locals.

Here’s a great interview of a shoe store owner in New Orleans, that’s using mobile technology to increase sales. Watch the video.

Mobile Seminar at the Blackstone Library in Branford

Jeff Buxton and I presenting our Mobile Seminar at the Blackstone Library in Branford May 14. Mobile web design is a new technology that small businesses will need to embrace in order to remain competitive. Thus we felt it was important to share our experience. 98% of small business sites are not mobile friendly. And […]

Go Mobile – Attend our free Mobile seminar next Tuesday in Branford

Learn three ways mobile websites are moving businesses forward and the top 5 practices to creating a mobile site your customers will love. The mobile web is exploding. More and more consumers access websites with their smartphone. By the end of this year it’s projected that more people will use their smartphone than their PC […]

Don’t worry about Apps your company needs a Mobile site

We have all heard stories of people making a fortune with a cool app. But for most companies especially smaller ones a mobile site is the better choice. Why choose a mobile web over an app ? Apps are faster and more interactive than mobile sites. However, they are expensive and having a bad app […]

Twitter and TV

Television is changing before our very eyes. People are now watching TV with their laptop and smartphone next to them on the couch. In many cases Twitter traffic during a TV episode functions like real-time Nielsen Rating reporting. Here’s the clever tweet that Oreo’s agency tweeted during the Super Bowl blackout.  The cookie company’s agency […]

Latest Mobile Launch Wilcox-Energy

Working closely with the Julie the marketing manager for is always a pleasure. Wilcox is more than just an oil company. They have been providing heating oil comfort to local residences located in Westbrook and surrounding towns since 1955. The new mobile site makes it easy for new customers to learn more about their […]