The Dangers of Losing Net Neutrality That Nobody’s Talking About

internet-freedom-660x660You might have heard the recent hubbub about and wondered what exactly is “net neutrality”. Here’s a very short overview and should allow you to handle yourself when the topic comes up during casual dinner conversation.

“net neutrality” – the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

As a result of the recent ruling cable and phone companies like Verizon and AT&T can now legally block any website, webpage, blog, video from their network. Even as an extreme example they could block this post.

One action might hit closer to home. Perhaps you are one of the growing number of users that are scaling back on your expensive cable channels and saving money using Netflix, HULU and other streaming services. Comcast or Time Warner Cable can now block Netflix. Last month there was little Comcast could do, however, now they can slow down Netflix streams, or charge a premium to stream that content. Upset want to learn more ? Below is a link to an excellent article on recently published in Wired magazine.