Create Small Business Saturday Success

small-business-saturday-logoAs a small business, we here at Walden Pond Design are always looking for ways to “punch above our weight”. Given this, we thought many of our fellow small business owners in retail might be interested in the American Express Small Business Saturday program.


Created to help small businesses stand out during the frenzy of large retailer and on-line purchasing activity that now begins, seemingly, just after customers have finished their Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, the program incents American Express cardholders to spend money at small businesses on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.


It also provides retailers with promotion and merchandising kits to make prospects aware they are participating in Small Business Saturday. The trade publication Independent Retailer recently published an article detailing ways to get the most out of participation.


Speaking of publishing articles, this represents the first in a series of articles Walden Pond Design will be sharing on how local small businesses can raise their profile. And, hopefully, their profit. So stay tuned …