Why My Clients LOVE WordPress

A few months ago my company created a new site for Wilcox Energy, a premium energy company delivering oil and energy services to residences located in Westbrook and surrounding towns since 1955.

Julie head of marketing wanted to have a special message with important information for their customers in the aftermath of  hurricane Sandy. She wanted the message to “hover” over all the pages. The perfect solution would be a javascript pop up. With a regular non-WordPress site she would need to hire a programmer and wait at least a couple of days.

However, since their site was created in WordPress Julie was able to download a free pop up plugin. Plugins are little programs that add cool functionality to WordPress. Most are free.

The pop up plugin was free and within an hour Julie had configured the desired javascript plugin.

Click  here to view the site and see the plugin in action.

This is a great way to easily project an important message to your clients.