Walden Pond Design no longer building websites !!!

Walden Pond Design is pleased to announce that effective immediately we will no longer build

websites. Here’s the Webster definition of a website:

“a place on the World Wide Web that contains information

about a person, organization, etc., and that usually consists

of many Web pages joined by hyperlinks”.


This definition accurately describes the typical website of a local restaurant, a hair salon or a

similar business. The viewer sees a series of photographs, gains some basic facts and learns

how to contact the company. You got the viewers attention, but what are you really selling?

A different way to build a home? A re-vitalized appearance? In most cases, there’s no attempt to project a key message.


In contrast to a typical website design, at Walden Pond Design we use the power of

WordPress to create an online presence that projects your special mantra, your unique

mission, your particular gift:

What makes you different from your competitors?

Why should I choose you?

As an example, eight years ago we built the following site for a high-end builder. Yes that’s old, but it still works !!!


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.14.53 AM

Will 90% of people who take a peek at the site instantly think, “Wow! I can’t afford this guy”.

Yes. Because this is exactly the reaction the client wants since he needs only three or five

customers a year. His site screams, “I am expensive, but I am worth it!”.


This is what I mean when I say we don’t build websites: we build a platform that create an

immediate relationship with your clients. We take the time to understand your true selling

point. Are you the cheapest? the fastest? the most reliable? What characteristics make your

company unique?


A typical business owner doesn’t want just a website. Most businesses are seeking more

customers. Walden Pond Design gets you more customers by projecting your company’s

message in a powerful persuasive manner. First we identify your unique approach and then

we make certain that is clearly articulated.


As an example, we recently worked with a local contractor who focuses on building “green”,

buildings which have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Thus they devote a large

of portion of their site NOT talking about themselves, but by educating the viewer about how a

home can be built to use less electricity, less gas and less water. Their platform does a great

job of educating the prospective buyer. The clients they want to reach are people who care

about the environment and want an earth-friendly home.


It doesn’t matter how great the photography or how streamlined the website looks. It does

not project the essence of the company and their ideal customer, all you have is a pretty

brochure on the Internet.

Would you rather I build you a website or help you build your company?