Metal Building Repair in CT

It’s difficult to find a good metal building repair company in CT.

Metal Building Repairs and Renovations: Steel buildings are simple to repair, with interchangeable metal components. Metal Building

If you need your metal building repaired we suggest you call Thomas Knapp (203) 483-8209

 metal building repair

Example of metal building repair

repair is handled by division of the company dedicated to repairs and renovations to existing steel buildings. By sending us a photo of the damage, we can quickly determine the parts and labor required to give you a bid for the repair work. We specialize in solutions for failing roof panels, with available reroofing, or roof coating depending on the condition of the roof. Metal Self storage buildings can be reconfigured to different unit mix requirements, or modified to allow for climate controlled storage. We repair, replace, or repaint any type of self storage doors. If your metal building was damaged by a storm, vandalized, burned, or has just lost its look, we have a solution.