LinkedIn Basics

Linkedin as quickly becoming a very powerful prospecting tool. Facebook is starting to fade and many are recognizing the unique power of Linkedin. Below is a basic overview that should help get you started.


  1. Create your account: It very easy and LinkedIn will even track your percentage of completion and list missing sections. (Note: Brokers and others in regulated industry, should double check any guidelines that may govern your use of social networking tools.)
  2. Build Your Contacts: This is easy and you can quickly build your list of contact or “connections” . You can simply let LinkedIn compare who’s in your address book with other Linkedin members. Just click on the green Add Connections link in the upper right-hand corner of any page on the LinkedIn site. You can then “Import your desktop email contacts” to get the process started. LinkedIn will then send emails to members of your address “inviting” them to join your network.
  3. Thank your new Connections: Depending upon the number it would be great to send them a short thank you note. You could also start laying the ground work for a sales call.
  4. Track your activity across your network: That’s what the “All Updates” section on your LinkedIn home page is for. You can now watch new people joining and connecting. You also can post “status” updates informing others of recent changes with you and your company or post relevant articles.
  5. Connect with your Connections: Networking is a contact sport. Linkedin is great but it doesn’t work well in a vacuum. Scan people’s profiles and start looking for good connections and follow up on them.


“The more things change the more they remain the same” LinkedIn is changing how business is conducted but it still relies on the old concept of making and cultivating connections.

Today with LinkedIn it’s just a heck of lot easier.