Walden Pond World Class WordPress Hosting
enterprise-class hosting for your WordPress websites.

When it comes to protecting your business online, peace of mind is priceless. So how can you afford not to protect what you’ve created, when it’s less than the cost of a two lattes per month?


Regular Scans for malware:

Scans of your website to ensure there is no malware or other issues with your site. Checking involves over 44,000 known malware and other back doors malware.


Advanced Comment Spam Filter:

Say goodbye to spam with our advanced comment spam filter. We use advance heuristics to identify spam comments, like URL’s, source IP and content.


Country Blocking:

This is perhaps one of the best and easiest way to protect your site. Do you really need people from Bulgaria to access your site. Clients are given complete control over blocking IF you want people from Bulgaria to see your site.


Regular Updates:

WordPress and its plugins are constantly being updated. We automatically and regularly update these files. This prevents numerous zero-day hacks


Off-Site Backups:

In addition to daily backups we keep up to 6 months of monthly backups on our Amazon server.


Check is site is spamvertized:

Check to make certain your site has not been flagged as source of spam, as this can have a negative effect on your rankings with the search engines.